Responsibility begins on a small scale

In addition to caring for the health of our customers, it is our concern to make a contribution to the preservation of the environment – that is what we are committed to.

Responsible action begins on a small scale. If everyone pays attention to the respectful use of resources within the scope of their possibilities, a lot has already been achieved. We try to make our contribution and not only demand sustainability, but also fill the term with life.

For example, we offer a maintenance service to extend the service life of the equipment.

  • We take back old products.
  • We develop sustainable products.
  • Sustainability is an important consideration when selecting suppliers and products.
  • Our packaging is recyclable, that is standard.
  • We use reusable packaging and we also use it several times. In addition, we use all cartons that we receive from retailers and service providers. So if you receive a package from PM Atemschutz that is not printed with our company logo, but possibly even with a foreign logo, this is a saving measure: We save packaging waste!
  • When the sun shines, we use our own environmentally friendly electricity, which we produce with our solar system.
  • We have appointed an environmental protection officer to promote the issue in the company and sensitize employees to it.
  • All employees at PM Atemschutz consciously pay attention to the careful use of resources. This begins with the procurement of environmentally friendly working materials and machines, extends to consumption – we only print what is necessary, waste no energy and no water – and ends with waste avoidance and waste separation.

All these examples are only a small contribution and not a comprehensive list of all measures, but reflect our attitude towards sustainability and the environment.