Maintenance & Repair

The selection and acquisition of suitable equipment for the protection of employees is an important component in the implementation of operational PPE concepts. In contrast to most dealers in the market for personal protective equipment, PM Respiratory Protection is also your strong partner when it comes to service during operation. So then, when it really counts.

You can trust our trained service technicians to maintain/repair your breathing apparatus blowers, your breathing connections (full masks, half masks, helmets and hoods), your compressed air systems and to calibrate / maintain / repair gas detectors.

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Rental Service

It's safe or it's not safe! True to this motto, more and more large companies are taking their external companies to task and are demanding the submission of suitable respiratory protection concepts. Not for every company the purchase of respiratory protection equipment is an option. Be it that the work under respiratory protection is only sporadic or that additional personnel must be equipped at short notice.

For these cases, PM Respiratory Protection has a large pool of respiratory protection equipment available that you can rent on a weekly basis. Thanks to our extensive experience in this field, we are also able to implement special solutions for your application if required.

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