Respiratory protection for our providers.

With PM Agrar products, we address businesses in the fields of horticulture, forestry and agriculture, livestock, animal husbandry and pest control. Almost 20 years of experience in the agricultural sector and the constant exchange of information with well over 90,000 users have helped us to select the best products from the large number available on the market. In the compilation of our agricultural products, our thanks go not least to the users and the agricultural trade associations who pointed out missing solutions to us.

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Respiratory protection

Breathing blowers for the agricultural sector
Headboards & Hoods for blowers
Spare parts & Accessories for headboards and blowers
Ersatzteile & Zubehör für Kopfteile und Gebläse im Agrarbereich
e-breathe fresh air - pressure hose unit
Fine dust masks
Full face masks
Half masks
Respiratory filter

Body protection

Agricultural protective clothing
Safety boots
Safety glasses

News & Information

User protection when handling undiluted crop protection products.
Appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) is essential for the proper application of crop protection products. The PM Agrar user/plant protection set has been specially put together to meet the needs of users of plant protection products and fulfills the requirements of the BVL directive. The set is in a practical case and consists of: Protective suit, gloves, eye protection, respirator and sleeve apron.

Small but dangerous: the oak processionary moth

Experts agree that the oak processionary moth will be even more rampant in 2021 than last year. The spring warmth is already causing the oak processionary moth to become active again. Personal protective equipment (PPE) is needed for control. The PM Oak Processionary Moth Protection Kit has been specifically put together to meet the requirements for the removal and control of oak processionary moths.

Occupational safety and health protection during piglet castration

To ensure safe handling of the anesthetic isoflurane, the agricultural employers’ liability insurance associations require that a full-face mask with AX filter be kept on hand in case of accidental release of isoflurane.

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