Filter escape units
Important! Filter escape units should be used exclusively for rescue purposes and not for other tasks. They may only be used in environments with sufficient oxygen in the ambient air.

Brief overview Filter escape units

Other models and brands are available from us on request.

Information Filter escape units

Chemical and fire escape hood Dräger PARAT® 7520 Soft Pack

For use in case of fire and/or chemical accidents
very comfortable handling
no presettings required
Combi filter ABEK CO P3 (against toxic gases, vapors, particles and fire gases
Period of use/application: 15 minutes;
Approvals: EN403:2004 and DIN 58647-7 (filter additionally tested according to EN14387:2004)

After 8 years, the filter can be replaced, thus increasing the service life to a total of 16 years!

The combined fire and industrialfluchthaube Dräger PARAT® 7520 Soft Pack was developed together with users – always with a view to the fastest possible escape. With optimized ease of use and wearing comfort and proven ABEK CO P3 filter, the Dräger PARAT® 7520 protects its wearer on the run for at least 15 minutes from toxic industrial and fire gases, vapors and particles.

Ready for escape in just 3 steps
Particularly innovative and intuitive: when the packaging is opened, the filter plug automatically detaches from the filter. This pushes the filter out into its deployment position and the hood can be donned immediately. Thanks to elastic inner strapping, no additional tightening is necessary. All you need to do: open the packaging, remove the hood and put it on – and then leave the hazardous area.

The powerful combination filter reliably protects against toxic fire and industrial gases, vapors and particles. The ABEK CO P3 filter meets the requirements of EN standard 403:2004 for fire escape hoods, the DIN 58647-7 standard for escape fillers and is also tested according to EN standard 14387:2004 for gas and combination filters. Furthermore, the filter is tightly sealed with two filter plugs to protect it over its long service life.

Fire and chemical escape hood SR 77-3

with ABEK1-CO-P3 filter
according to EN 403:2004
vacuum packed in aluminum bag
shelf life 10 years
stationary or mobile with bag

Escape hood for evacuation in case of fire and/or chemical accidents with release of chemicals

The escape hood is based on the silicone half mask body of the SR 100. The hood is equipped with a gas filter SR 331-2, ABEK1-CO and particle filter SR 510, P3 and protects against carbon monoxide and other toxic gases and particles that can occur during fire and chemical accidents. The hood can be put on without prior adjustment. The hood is available in two sizes (S/M and M/L) to fit most adolescents and adults. The two exhalation valves and low resistance filter combination during inhalation and exhalation mean minimal effort for the user in a potentially stressful mental and physical situation or environment.

Advantages of the SR 77-3 escape hood:
The hood is made of chemical resistant and flame resistant material.
Sealed seams
10 years shelf life without the need for maintenance
Large visor with anti-fog treatment
Two sizes: S/M and M/L
Integrated head frame allows quick and easy installation without prior adjustment
The SR 100 silicone mask body provides you with the highest level of protection and comfort.
Two exhalation valves
Gas filter according to expected exposure
Particle filter with separation efficiency of more than 99.997
Neck seal made of silicone for maximum protection against inward leakage

The hood is supplied vacuum packed in an aluminum bag and can be used for both stationary and mobile use (in a bag attached to the belt).

Other models and brands are available from us on request.

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