Container devices

Self-contained breathing apparatuses belong to the group of freely portable isolation devices and are divided into two categories: compressed air breathing apparatuses (self-contained breathing apparatuses with compressed air) and positive pressure compressed air breathing apparatuses (self-contained breathing apparatuses with compressed air with positive pressure). They are specially designed for use in hazardous locations, where they can quickly become the decider of life and death.

Compressed air breathing apparatus

Container devices with compressed air according to DIN 137 are divided into two types:

Both have the same performance requirements, but have differences in their resistance to flame impingement and radiant heat. These requirements are higher for Type 2 units.


Pressluftatmer Cen-Paq


Main features

• Tested, effective pneumatic system with the first-breath pull mechanism for use with PanaSeal or Vision 3 full-face masks
• Available with antistatic material
• Available in 15 minutes of breathable air

This SCBA is designed for special use in hazardous locations where rescue intervention is expected. Here, the speed of readiness, which can make the difference between life and death, is of particular importance. Therefore, this rescue SCBA is designed to be easy and quick to put on in any situation. The compact vest in one size and the warning color orange can also be put on in places where other SCBAs would be too bulky.

Pressluftatmer Propak


Main features

• Breathing apparatus for professional fire fighting
• lowest inhalation resistance due to integrated regulator
• quick donning and doffing of the device due to simple fastening buckles
maintenance by the user
• Self-contained positive pressure breathing apparatus for single cylinder operation
• Lightweight, antistatic, carbon fiber reinforced plastic back plate with Kevlar
• Cylinder retaining strap with integrated kidney belt
• Two-stage pneumatic system with safety positive pressure lung actuator
• Function activation by first breath and bypass button
• Acoustic warning device 55 bar
• Pressure reducer with high pressure cylinder connection

All Scott compressed air cylinders from 4.7 to 11.0 liter capacity, 200 or 300 bar range, can be used. Testing and CE marking according to prEN 137:2006 class II. 1.396,00

Pressluftatmer Propak

MK 2

Product description

• Fire resistant material
• Available with 1 to two breathing air cylinders
• 45- 120 minutes of use
• Complete with positive pressure mask, carrying device, cylinder(s), pressure reducer and regulator and quick disconnects
• Ideal for firefighters or rescue teams
• Designed for work such as firefighting or general work areas with extremely polluted air or an oxygen deficit

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