Compressed air escape units
Oxygen escape apparatus and compressed air escape apparatus

Brief overview Compressed air escape units

Other models and brands are available from us on request.

Information Compressed air escape devices

Oxy Pro

Oxy-Pro is a closed-circuit chemical oxygen self-rescue device. The exhaled air is purified by
potassium hyperoxide (KO2) and made available for breathing. This ensures a long period of use.

Recommended for emergency escape situations in hazardous environments (duration = 30 minutes), such as water treatment or work in confined spaces.
Absolute safety with easy opening and donning.
Protected by a highly resistant vacuumized stainless steel container, the device offers up to 10 years of service life with low maintenance requirements.
A vacuum gauge on the container of the device allows the air tightness of the container to be checked at any time.

The device complies with the European standard EN 13794.

Elsa Dash

Versions with air supply for 10 or 15 minutes
Standard version of the carrying bag in luminous color
Carrying bag made of antistatic material in black color
Quick release mechanism for airflow activation
Special angular shaped hood
CE marking in accordance with EN1146
Marking with the steering wheel symbol
Corrosion resistant nickel plated components
Standard filling adapter for filling the air receiver with breathing air
Service required at 10 year intervals

The specially shaped hood is made of PVC coated material and is equipped with an ozone resistant neck collar. The three straight sides allow the hood to be packed flat, preventing the visor from being bent. In addition, the hood can be quickly removed from the carry bag. The large visor provides excellent visibility in all directions; in addition, the hood gives the feeling of unrestricted wearing comfort. An inner mask prevents moisture build-up and minimizes the area where carbon dioxide can accumulate.


Other models and brands are available from us on request.

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