Single gas detectors

Brief overview single gas detectors

Other models and brands are available from us on request.

Information single gas detectors

GasAlert Extreme

permanent real-time display of gas concentration on the
LCD display
waterproof housing according to IP-66/67
easy zero adjustment and calibration
audible, visual and vibration alarm
battery life: 2 years
self test for sensor, battery and electronics

Different versions:

H2S (hydrogen sulfide), CO (carbon monoxide), O2 (oxygen), SO2 (sulfur dioxide), CL2 (chlorine), HCN (hydrogen cyanide), NO2 (nitrogen dioxide), NH3 (ammonia), PH3 (monophosphane), O3 (ozone), ETO, NO (nitrogen monoxide), ClO2

Units available in yellow or black, please specify!

BW Clip

maintenance-free: no sensor and battery changes required
compact, lightweight design with one-button operation
designed for harsh environments and extreme temperatures
sleep mode with housing or IntelliDoX
automated self-test of battery, sensor and electronics
wide-angle flash that sounds an alarm simultaneously with an audible signal and vibration indication
automatic logging of the last 35 gas events and functional test results
compatible with MicroDock II and Fleet Manager II software

Various versions:

H2S (hydrogen sulfide), CO (carbon monoxide), SO2 (sulfur dioxide), O2 (oxygen).

Protégé Single Gas (SG)

The Protégé SG portable device can be configured to detect 13 gases and offers maximum flexibility to deal with gas hazards. It is lightweight and also easy to operate. The ergonomically designed instrument has several advanced features, such as intelligent plug-and-play sensors. Each sensor is equipped with a smart sensor board that automatically detects the sensor type, updates the gas label on the LCD display, and automatically downloads the necessary calibration parameters. The Protégé SG features a replaceable battery, event data logger, and comes with multiple language options.

Various versions:
LEL IR, HCN (hydrogen cyanide), H2S (hydrogen sulfide; standard 0-500 ppm), H2S (high resolution 0-100 ppm), CO (carbon monoxide; standard 0-1000 ppm), CO-H (hydrogen resistant 0-2000 ppm), O2 (oxygen), O3, NO, NO2 (nitrogen dioxide), PH3; SO2 (sulfur dioxide), NH3 (ammonia); CL2; ClO2

90 dB audible alarm and 360° light bar for good visibility
internal data logging functions
rubberized housing for heavy duty use
compliant LED
easy to maintain

Protégé ZM

The Scott Protégé ZM Single Gas Meter is a user-friendly, maintenance-free gas detection instrument that integrates high performance in a small unit. Once activated, the Protégé ZM gas meter requires no recharging or calibration and will operate for two years – maintenance-free and hassle-free.

Various versions:
H2S (hydrogen sulfide), CO (carbon monoxide), O2 (oxygen).

Maintenance free single gas meter
Available in versions for measuring hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide and oxygen
Instrument life of 2 years – no recharging or calibration required
Hydrogen sulfide and carbon monoxide variants include power save mode to extend battery life
Triple alarm system with audible, visual and vibration alarms
Customizable LC display can show remaining instrument run time, real-time gas readings, or both
User-adjustable alarm thresholds and dates for functional testing and calibration
Data logging functions
Meets IP66/67 protection requirements

Other models and brands are available from us on request.

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