Gas detection technology - detectors against the invisible danger.

Hazards from flammable and toxic gases and vapors occur in many areas. Gas detectors and warning devices are used to identify the hazards they pose.

Gases and vapors pose a hazard to safe breathing whenever they are not in a breathable atmospheric composition and the concentrations in the ambient atmosphere are too high. Without aids, humans are not able to recognize such hazards and threats at an early stage.

In principle, 3 hazard categories are distinguished:

Protect yourself against hazardous gases and vapors and be reliably warned of a possible hazard.



Portable gas detectors are used in a wide variety of applications. Whether free measurements in confined spaces, for personal monitoring at the workplace, leak detection or in area monitoring – portable gas detectors alert the user at an early stage to toxic gases, oxygen deficiency or flammable gases and vapors and increase occupational safety. Our portfolio includes a wide range of portable gas detectors from different manufacturers – from simple gas detectors to multi-gas detectors.


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Single gas detectors / Single gas measuring devices

Single gas detectors offer the right solution for measuring individual hazardous gases such as carbon monoxide (CO), oxygen (O₂) or hydrogen sulfide (H2S). Single-gas detectors can be worn and attached directly to work clothing. Depending on the frequency of use, disposable or reusable single-gas detection devices are available.

Dräger offers a comprehensive portfolio of single-gas detection devices. The Dräger PAC series 6000, 6500, 8000 and 8500 as well as X-am 5100 offer the right solution for every task. They are available as time-limited or non-time-limited devices and convince with robustness, fast sensor response times and powerful batteries.

Dräger PAC 6000

Dräger PAC 6500

Dräger PAC 8000

Dräger PAC 8500

Dräger X-am 5100

The BW Clip series of single gas detectors offers up to three years of maintenance-free operation. The BW Clip Series maintenance-free detectors are the most user-friendly, reliable and cost-effective way to ensure safety, compliance and productivity.

BW Clip Series 

Multi-gas measuring instruments / Multigas measuring instruments

Compared to single-gas detectors, multi-gas detectors can measure several hazardous substances simultaneously and continuously. Depending on the manufacturer, up to seven hazardous substances can be measured at the same time, both toxic and flammable gases as well as vapors and oxygen. They are therefore ideal for personal protection, area monitoring, entry into confined spaces, and safety measurements in ducts, tanks, or shafts.

Dräger offers a comprehensive portfolio of multi-gas detectors. The multi-gas detectors of the Dräger X-am series can measure up to seven hazardous substances simultaneously. The most popular are the compact 5-gas gas detectors of the 5000 series.

Dräger X-am 2500

Dräger X-am 3500

Dräger X-am 5000

Dräger X-am 5600

Dräger X-am 8000

Honeywell’s portable gas detectors are ideal for confined spaces, spot leak testing and mobile use. They provide real-time information on the status and safety of workers in hazardous areas, helping companies respond to safety incidents faster, more knowledgeably and more decisively.

BW GasAlert Quattro

BW GasAlert Micro5 Serie

Honeywell BW Max XT II

Honeywell BW Clip4 

Honeywell BW MicroClip Serie

Other models and brands are available from us on request.

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