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PM Atemschutz is an owner-managed family business and is now in its second generation of management. Thanks to the philosophy of creating solutions that go far beyond the manufacturers’ ranges, PM Atemschutz has developed into a specialist for respiratory protection, body protection and occupational safety over the past 29 years. We are wholesalers, service partners and manufacturers. But first and foremost, we are your competent contact in matters of occupational safety. Learn more about the background and the service portfolio of our family-owned company.


For 28 years, we have been moved by the question: How can we inspire our customers? With quality and products that safeguard people. But also by focusing on the wishes and needs of our customers and offering all-round service and performance from a single source.



Short distances - worldwide

Our extensive central warehouse allows us to react flexibly to unforeseeable events and thus avoid bottlenecks. High availability, large storage capacities and optimized processes guarantee your security of supply.

Extreme situations require quick deployment & fast availability of goods. For this purpose, we maintain special warehouses for disaster control (e.g. veterinary offices) and equip them with the required protective solutions within 24 hours.

Our on-call service is on standby 24 hours a day to ensure rapid supply of emergency bearings in emergency situations.

Through extensive stocking,
dynamic warehousing and route-optimized picking, we guarantee our customers short delivery times.

because the shortest distance between
two points is a straight line.

We have approximately 3,000 m² of space-saving organized storage area and are expanding our logistics center in the summer of 2022. A wide variety of circumstances repeatedly require the delivery of accessories and consumables in large quantities, even without any lead time. We are able to ship many items immediately due to our extensive warehousing and thus help to avoid bottlenecks.


Worldwide delivery



Delivery times

delivery times

Special bearing

for disaster control


We have been supporting customers from a wide range of industries for 28 years. In the process, we have found successful concepts and product solutions in the past, developed them customer-specifically, tested them and refined them until they were accepted by the employees. We know the specifics of the industries and we know: Personal contact, a consideration of the industry-related aspects and the selection of the right product solutions are the key to success here.

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Agriculture & Agribusiness

The agricultural sector has long since become a mainstay of the economy in our country and many farms are organized accordingly. Due to the increasing strain on employees, respiratory protection is also becoming more and more important.

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Infection Protection / Hospitals & Medicine

Only those who are well protected can help. To guarantee safety in official facilities, hospitals and in the medical sector, we offer comprehensive protective solutions tailored to the needs of the industry and provide comprehensive advice on intelligent solutions for personal protective equipment and infection control.

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Fire department

Best protection for our rescue forces & helpers.
PM Atemschutz offers a range of products tailored for service in fire departments, authorities and disaster control.

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Eye injuries account for a quarter of all welding accidents, making them one of the most common injuries among welders. Break the statistics with reliable welding protection.

Pharmazeutische-/ Chemische Industrie
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Pharmaceutical/ chemical industry

The diverse work processes in the ever-changing environment of the pharmaceutical and chemical industry require a wide variety of PPE solutions. We help you choose the right solution when handling active pharmaceutical ingredients and chemical substances in the industry.

Altlastensanierung & Asbestsanierung
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Remediation of contaminated sites & asbestos removal

Identifying potential health hazards is of paramount importance in contaminated site remediation. Applications that require the highest level of protection and safety for the user include, for example, work with asbestos. We recommend product solutions specifically designed for asbestos abatement.

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In the document archive, we provide you with instruction manuals, brochures, catalogs and data sheets for our products as downloads.

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As an experienced partner in the field of occupational health and safety and sound know-how, we offer you sustainable and perfectly fitting solutions, individually tailored to your requirements.

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