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Filtering Respiratory Protection

Filter devices are dependent on the ambient air. Meaning that filter devices may only be used if there is sufficient oxygen and the hazardous substances are of a nature that they can either be smelled or tasted.

Powered Air

The polluted ambient air is drawn in by a respiratory protection blower, which then flows through the connected filter and is cleaned of particles or gases and vapors. Positive pressure is built up in the breathing connection, preventing pollutants from entering the headpiece directly.

Insulating devices act independently of the ambient air. They differ in their design-specific mode of action. They are divided into non-freely portable devices, such as fresh air or compressed air hose devices, and freely portable devices, such as compressed air breathing apparatus.

Fresh Air Hose

Fresh air hose devices are not freely portable isolation devices. The required breathing air is supplied to the breathing connection from an area outside the contaminated ambient atmosphere via supply hoses. Full face mask or mouthpiece set are used as breathing connection.

Body Protection

Body protection includes any type of equipment or clothing used to protect the body. This primarily includes protective suits in categories CAT I through CAT III, with and without blower or compressed air support. In addition, body protection also includes devices for protecting the head, eyes, ears, hands and feet.

Escape Equipment

“Escape devices” and “self-rescuers” are respiratory protective devices that enable the user to escape from areas with hazardous ambient atmospheres. Self-rescuers may be filtering devices or freely portable isolation devices. Escape hoods are used by fire departments, among others, to evacuate fire victims. Today, many companies are moving toward providing such devices for visitors or outside workers as well.

Self-contained breathing apparatuses are freely portable isolation apparatuses with compressed air. Compressed air breathing apparatus are divided into devices for back carrying (on carrying frame) and devices with variable carrying mode (entry devices). The devices for back carrying are predominantly used. The compressed air cylinders must be filled with compressed air that complies with DIN EN 12 021.

Gas Measurement

With regard to the health and safety of users, it is important to detect the hazards posed by flammable and toxic gases and vapors in good time. Portable gas detectors and gas warning devices serve this purpose.

Fire Departments & Authorities

In addition to special equipment for the fire departments, we also offer solutions that are of particular importance to the public sector. The blower breathing suits for patient care and decontamination developed for the disaster control concept of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the Berlin Senate are made by PM Atemschutz.

Selected products protect users from the harmfull substances in the agricultural sector. For example, special systems have been developed in particular for the area of plant protection. Exclusive products are also available for protection against hazards in agriculture and livestock farming, e.g. against dusts or allergens. In addition, the PM fresh air pressure hose unit has now become the standard in numerous biogas facilities.


Infection protection plays an important role in occupational health and safety, especially in occupations where employees are exposed to an increased risk of infection. Infection protection measures are necessary to protect the health of employees and prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

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