Compressed air respirator


Compressed air breathing protection
Compressed air hose equipment

Compressed air hose devices are not freely portable isolation devices. Compressed air with an overpressure of up to 10 bar is supplied for breathing air. This allows the use of lighter, pressure-resistant compressed air hoses with a smaller inner diameter (for the usual devices, inner diameter of at least 8 mm).

Compressed air filter stations

Compressed air filter stations are used for the treatment of technical compressed air. The high-performance filters contained in the respective stations separate and remove solid particles, aerosols, oil vapors and odors from the compressed air flowing through them.

Compressed air hoses

The compressed air hoses are designed for breathing air and approved accordingly for breathing apparatus. They are oil and chemical resistant and tested and certified according to EN 14594 / EN 14593. They are suitable for use with a compressed air control valve and compressed air filter station.

Compressed air head parts
Compressed air hoods
Compressed air full face masks
Compressed air suits
Welding head parts

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