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In terms of respiratory protection, the challenges for occupational safety or management are very similar in every industry. In terms of employee health and safety, decision-makers are challenged to create the optimal solution for their application. With regard to operational issues, it is important to understand and correctly interpret both the applicable laws and the recommendations of the statutory accident insurance institutions.

It is common practice to obtain information about possible devices for solving problems from technical retailers or on the Internet and then to procure them. However, the available spectrum between fine dust masks and systems for ambient air-independent breathing air supply is large. It is not uncommon for solutions to be implemented that do not cover all necessary aspects and, in the worst case, are rejected by users.

Early on, PM Atemschutz recognized this area of tension for decision-makers and created the ideal solution with the PM all-round service: At the beginning there is the analysis of the workplace.

This involves working with the company to determine what hazards exist in the workplace. In the subsequent consulting phase, solutions are identified. The decision-makers benefit from the extensive experience that PM Atemschutz has gained over the past 20 years. Also with regard to user acceptance, it is advisable to put the demonstrated solution through its paces in a practical test. Rejection by the worker is not infrequently based on improper use of the respiratory protection systems.

If the test is unsatisfactory, alternatives can be found at short notice and tested further. The time immediately following the procurement of the equipment through purchase or rental is of great importance for later use. This is because users are only able to handle the new equipment correctly and thus safely after professional initial instruction and in-depth training at a later stage.

According to the principle of everything from a single source, PM Service und Atemschutztechnik provides maintenance and service for the new respiratory protection equipment, but also, if desired, for respiratory protection equipment already in use – either on site or in the company’s own respiratory protection workshop.PM’s all-round service does not end with this service, however, but can start again from the beginning in the sense of continuous optimization.

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